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Welcome to Supergrip

Let us go back in time. The journey started in 1982 in the dynamic world of automotive friction materials. With a dedicated team of experts and 40 years of experience, we are a well-known name in the automobile industry today. We are the pioneers and one of the leading manufacturers of friction materials that are of superior quality. An ISO and IATF Certified name built on years of trust and expertise, Supergrip manufactures finest Disc Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and Brake Linings.

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We envision becoming one of the leading providers of premium automobile products. The aim is to become one of the most preferred supplier of eco-friendly friction materials..


We strive to give you ranges like no other. The mission is to revolutionize mobility and bring a new perspective to automobiles. We also want to build innovative solutions with long-lasting relations.


Our core values are what set us apart. Decision-making is always better when the purpose is clear. We strive for excellence, promote integrity and value cooperation and communication. We believe in developing and nurturing a long term relationship with every customer through ethical business practices.

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Our Products

Disc Brake Pads

Supergrip Brake Pads are produced using premium quality materials and are designed to provide maximum safety under all driving conditions.

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Brake Shoes

We manufacture superior quality range of Brake Shoes which are made with qualitative raw materials. Combined with high quality friction materials,

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Brake Linings

We manufacture asbestos free, quality and performance based Brake Linings with cost per mile in mind. They are of classic quality and are made with hot pressure

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Brake Discs

Supergrip Brake Discs are engineered, precision machined and performance tested to meet or exceed the form, fit and function of the vehicle’s

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"I have been using Supergrip's Disc Brake Pads for my car, and I must say they have exceeded my expectations. The braking performance is exceptional, providing a smooth and responsive experience. Kudos to Supergrip for manufacturing such high-quality brake pads ! "

Rajesh Sharma

"As a long-time customer of Supergrip, I can confidently say that their Brake Shoes are top-notch. The durability and reliability of their products are unmatched. I trust Supergrip to keep me and my family safe on the road with their excellent brake components."

Anjali Patel

"I recently upgraded my bike's Brake Linings to Supergrip, and the difference is remarkable. The stopping power is fantastic, and the overall braking experience has significantly improved. Supergrip's commitment to quality is evident in every ride."

Arjun Singh

"I run a small fleet of commercial vehicles, and Supergrip's Disc Brake Pads have been a game-changer for us. The wear resistance and longevity of these brake pads have helped reduce maintenance costs and downtime. I highly recommend Supergrip to fellow fleet owners."

Priya Verma

"Supergrip has become my go-to brand for brake components. Their Brake Shoes are a perfect balance of performance and longevity. Whether it's city commuting or long drives, I trust Supergrip to deliver consistent and reliable braking performance every time."

Ravi Kumar